Week 1

Full Yoga Class

What is Yoga?

Setting up for Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Body Scan

Diaphragmatic Breath

Props for Yoga

Week 2

The Effects of the Digital Age

Well-Being: An Introduction

The Meaning of Well-Being

The Brain Science of Well-Being

A River of Well-Being

Victorious Breath

Pose of Child, Downward Dog, Rag Doll and Mountain Pose

Mindfulness Meditation

Compassion Meditation

5 Senses Meditation

Mini Yoga Class

Awakening to Habits

Wiring in the Pause

Monitoring Your Goal


History of Yoga:

Yoga Styles:

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On Happiness and Human Potentials: A Review of Research on Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being
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Living Well: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Eudaimonia
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Happiness Is Everything, or Is It? Explorations on the Meaning of Psychological Well-Being
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Compassion Training Alters Altruism and Neural Responses to Suffering
Helen Y. Weng, Andrew S. Fox, Alexander J. Shackman, Diane E. Stodola, Jessica Z. K. Caldwell, Matthew C. Olson, Gregory M. Rogers, and Richard J. Davidson

Week 3

Why We Need the Science of Yoga

Western and Eastern Perspectives

Introduction to the Research on Yoga

Wrap-Up: The Science of Yoga

Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and Side Angle

Crescent Lunge and Crescent Twist

High Plank, Low Plank, Up-Dog & Down Dog Transition

Mini Yoga Class

Slow Practice

Reflecting on Your Goal