YogaMOOC is Launching Next Week


Cat Yoga Headstand

YogaMOOC is launching NEXT Monday. It is still not too late to sign up to have access to an array of great content designed to help you shape your own yoga practice. Hear interviews from world-renowned yoga instructors and leaders in the wellness community. Additionally, participate in a full yoga class in the comfort of your home, park, or anywhere that makes you feel balanced. Through YogaMOOC, you will learn the deeper teaching of the ancient practice and understand that it is more than bending and twisting into what seems like impossible positions.

There is no denying the physical advantages of yoga. Through consistent practice, many will see increased flexibility and muscle strength, improved respiration, weight loss, energy, and vitality. What many fail to see are the benefits to your mental health and how the practice can truly change your life. Mentally, yoga has been shown to develop body awareness, relieve stress, sharpen attention and concentration, and calm and center the nervous system Let YogaMOOC take you on this journey and find the balance that you want and need.


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